Legal Services

Estate Planning

Death is a fact of life. At DLO, we take pride in helping our clients plan for the provision and care of their loved ones. We meet with our clients in a relaxed setting to discuss and render advice on the laws of wills, trusts, and probate. After an extensive interview and planning process in our offices, we draft documents that achieve our clients’ wishes, for example, naming guardians for minor children (if any), devising assets to heirs, providing long term care for loved ones with special needs (including illness, infirmity, or chemical dependence). Where estates are large, we work with our clients and tax professionals to minimize any estate and/or inheritance taxes. We also advise our clients regarding (and draft) durable powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney for health care, and living wills. We oversee the proper execution and witnessing of these important documents and over the years, assist our clients with revisions.  Our clients tend to be amazed and gratified at how much work we expend and the results we achieve for our modest fee.

Business Formation & Agreements

We counsel our clients in choosing the proper business type (for example, corporation, limited partnership, general partnership, sole proprietorship, or limited liability company). Working closely with our clients’ tax professionals, we help each client structure an entity to fit their particular needs (e.g., tax benefits, limiting liability, flexibility, ease of operation, propensity for growth, ease of sale of equity, etc.). We draft and file formative documents, oversee the formation meeting, and draft the initial meeting minutes. We help our clients plan for contingencies like death, illness, divorce, disagreement, dissolution, retirement, and sale of all or part of the business. Once the business entity is in place, we then draft, negotiate, and/or advise regarding various agreements depending upon the needs of the business, for example, key employee agreements, employment agreements, commercial lease agreements, construction agreements, vendor agreements, consulting agreements, non-competition agreements, distribution agreements, sales representative agreements, licensing agreements, and buy/sell agreements. We also consult with our clients to plan for and/or minimize potential business liabilities and claims.
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Music & Entertainment Business

We advise clients regarding all aspects of the music industry. We are often called upon to draft and/or negotiate all forms of music industry agreements, for example, recording, production, exclusive songwriter publishing, single song publishing, copyright and trademark licenses, management, talent agency, intra-band, merchandising, live performance, and special event agreements. We counsel our clients regarding all phases of their career in the entertainment industry. Our hallmark is protection (including proper registration) and enforcement of our clients’ intellectual property rights (e.g., copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and rights of publicity)
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