Business Formation & Agreements

Building Dreams, Together: The DLO Business Journey

Starting a business is more than just a decision; it's the birth of a dream, a vision taking shape. At DLO, we don't just facilitate this process; we become partners in your journey, tailoring our expertise to fit your unique aspirations.

Imagine sitting down with a team that sees beyond the legal jargon - a team that understands your vision for growth, the ease of operation, your goals for the future. Whether it's a corporation, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship, we work closely with your tax professionals, sculpting an entity that's not just compliant but smart, strategic, and aligned with your dreams.

From drafting and filing the formative documents to overseeing the formation meeting and crafting the initial meeting minutes, we're with you, every step of the way. And our support doesn't stop at inception. We're there for life's contingencies, whether it's planning for death, illness, disagreement, or growth, drafting vital agreements such as employment, commercial lease, or non-competition, always with your best interest at heart.

But what truly sets us apart at DLO is our ongoing relationship with you. As your business grows, changes, evolves, we continue to consult, advise, and minimize potential liabilities and claims. Your success is our success, your growth our reward.

Business formation and agreements in TN.